WSM Modifications

What is a WSM? It drives me nuts when there's secret talk like that, and everyone knows the secret but me. A WSM is quite simply a Weber Smoky Mountain - that's right, the same Weber company that makes the ubiquitous Weber grill, also makes a smoker - the Weber Smoky Mountain, or WSM.

Just like their grilling counterparts, the WSM packs the most bang for the buck. It's extremely well designed and complete. But that doesn't mean that improvements can't be made. In fact, vast improvements.

WSM modes are easy to find. Any WSM owner should know about the VirtualWeberBullet which covers every facet of cooking on a WSM, including modifications and much, much more.

So why is there a separate WSM mods section here? Good question - so that I can post pictures and descriptions at will. But that's not all.

Your's truly, (that's me) have a background in mechanical design and manufacturing prior to software engineering. It's a first love and something very enjoyable as anyone who tinkers will tell you. Therefore BBQ, WSM, and modifications go together like peas in pod.

What I've put together here are some WSM modifications that no one has ever done before - at least not published on a website. Make no mistake about it though - I walk in the footsteps of giants that have published their ideas, and were the first to think of them. I like to think that some of my mods take those ideas just one or two steps further in refinement. Others of my mods are totally original, and I hope you will enjoy.

Menu on the right for mod projects.

  • Hot handle relief
    Mods to the kettle handle to make it reasonable to use.
  • Outdoor caddy
    When you plan a party on the patio, it's nice to have everything you need in one convenient piece of furniture.
  • Ultimate Water Pan
    The ultimate water pan contains no water at all. In fact, you might be surprised at what it does contain.
  • No pan required
    Who says we need a water pan at all. Here's an idea that deviates from the norm quite a bit - the beliefe that a water pan filled with this, that, or the other is need at all. Wanna give it a try?
  • Adding capacity
    There are a few ways to add capacity to a WSM but if stylin and profilin is the way you like to do things, you might want to soak up this mod built upon already well known capacity mods.
  • Portable wsm
    Another way of making the WSM easily portable for cooking off-site at events like back yard parties or competing against the biggest and best teams out there.