The Kansas City BBQ Documentary

Yes, pretty sure that's us - Too Ashamed to Name is going to have some face time in the upcoming The BBQ Documentary scheduled to air in the fall of 2013.

If you scroll down that article a little past half way, you'll see this paragraph

Q: "Was there a moment you shot that you know will be in the final cut?"

A: We shot the American Royal this fall. We were running different crews. A team let me shoot them pulling their chicken from the oven. They were moving it to the trailer and then selecting the pieces for their turn-in box [for judging]. The banter between the two of them, the nervous energy, was incredible. They were a married couple. It was one of those little married moments when they're snapping back and forth. They're whispering like they're in church or at a golf tournament like, if they speak too loudly, something is going to happen to the chicken and it's not going to work out. Watching how meticulous they were was just priceless.

Yes, that part of the article sure sounds like us. You see, at the American Royal they run a bunch of tour groups of about 10-20 or so people. VIP's, regular people, and everything in between.

If a team sign up to host the tour, then a different group shows up at your camp at agreed upon times, about two groups per day. Well I like to talk about BBQ, teach BBQ classes, and can easily burn 30 minutes on a dog & pony show on all our equipment. So we agreed to host the tour, so long as it didn't happen during critical turn-in times.

Well, it turns out that if you host the tour like we did, they send 'a little extra' media your way. Our first group included this documentary filming crew of Martin Diggs, Kevin Fossland, and Julie Clark.

It was Friday afternoon so we didn't have any BBQ for the group yet - we don't start cooking until late night Friday night. So instead, Pam set out a nice spread of Ca wine, cheese, grapes and stuff - and that went over really well.

Everyone had a good time, and the team all signed wavers to appear in the documentary - they filmed my dog & pony show and general BBQ ramblings. I could tell they liked our fun team name, logo, wine and hospitality. Julie came back an hour or so later for another waver for our logo to be shown - so I figure at least our logo will dodge the cutting room floor.

Then on Saturday morning, right out of the blue, the filming crew stopped by again. It was only minutes before we were to start to build our chicken box for turn-in time.

I'm not about to turn away a film crew looking for footage. What the heck! Lets give them what we got - So we invited them to film our highly proprietary chicken box build routine.

We crammed the camera guy, the sound guy, and us into our little motorhome and we proceeded to document our chicken box build start to finish. We explained everything - why we're doing every thing we do. Secret steps and patent pending placing tool inventions - we gave up everything!

We'll be looking for this show somewhere next Fall. They have a Facebook page entitled KC BBQ Documentary. Like that page if you want to know when and where it will air. Let's hope they used their skinny lens on me.