Who needs a water pan anyway Pan

Check out this idea - though not yet implemented.

Take the coal grate handle idea from Virtual Weber Bullet (last couple pics) and make sure the handles are capable of resting a common round step-stone or cinder block as your thermal barrier.

You can find round cinder blocks at home improvement stores for about a dollar or two, but they're only 12 inches in diameter, but larger ones are probably available out there somewhere.

You would need to find some way to steady the block on the handles so it can't fall off and exposing your cook to direct heat.

So lets think of some advantages and disadvantages of doing this:


  • Common cinder blocks available for cheap.
  • Weight of the mass not part of the WSM body during assembly
  • Could make more space for adding capacity mod


  • 12 diameter block might be too small
  • Custom welding needed for grate (tip - independent muffler shops will weld for cheap)

Please contact us if you try this, it seems like a really interesting way of doing things.