West Coast Barbecue Championship

Fairfield California

August 14-16th, 2009

A national KCBS sanctioned event

Team results:

Saturday contest #1 Sat / Sun contest #2 Sunday contest #3
  • Chicken - 25th place
  • Ribs - 8st place
  • Butts  - 6th place
  • Brisket - 10th place
  • Mistery meat - 6th 
  • Overall - 13th place
  • Team count - 26
  • Chicken - 35th place
  • Ribs - 23rd place
  • Butts  - 16nd place
  • Brisket - 14th place
  • Overall - 23th place
  • Team count - 37
  • Chicken - 18th place
  • Ribs - 9th place
  • Butts  - 9th place
  • Brisket - 8th place
  • Overall - 8th place
  • Team count - 26

 With three competitions in one weekend, survival was a major accomplishment. Others toughed it out without the luxuries that we splurged on - the motor home rental that made all the difference in the world.

As you can see, we did not break into the top 5 at any point, so no walks, cash or BATS were brought home. We focused on contest #1 and #3, and left contest #2 up for those who competed in only that one contest.

As you can see, we really tanked on chicken - something we're usually very strong in. The good news is that I know the reason why - it was the sauce. I screwed up the sauce, and then I did the same damn stupid thing on Sunday. Oh well, lesson learned, that's what counts.

I consider these results to be very satisfactory. We got called in the top ten for 8 of our 13 turn-ins, and although we didn't break into the top 5 for a walk on anything, the scores for pork and brisket are way way up thanks to some hot tips after Stockton. That increase is backed up over the three contests of this weekend. I think we've stepped up to the contenders box for those big meats.

Also, we've had a very difficult time getting things cooked on time when Noname is fully loaded. I would not have thought a full load would be a problem for Noname given the relative size of the firebox and its quick temperature rebound after door-openings. But time after time it happens. Now that we've added a Cambro to our equipment, we can get much more aggressive with our meat start times. since it will hold a good long time.