Smokin in the oaks

Penn Valley, California

June 6,7th 2009

  • Overall - 16th of 24 teams 
  • Chicken - no score 
  • Ribs - 4th
  • Pork - no score
  • Brisket - no score

In IBCA contests run in California, you receive points only if you score above the fold for any category. 9 points for the 4th place ribs is good enough for 16th place. Our other three meats were below the fold, and therefore did not contribute to our overall ranking of a dissapointing 16th.

Us at Penn Valley 2009

The first annual Smokin in the oaks was a very well run event in a great venue, with water and power nearby. Weather was occasionally threatening, but rain never materialized.

This being an IBCA contest they only announce the top ten finishers in each category - as a special favor to California, IBCA announces the top half of the entries due to California's popular Team of the year race.

As you can see, we were below the fold in chicken, pork, and brisket. I'm not sure why, I thought we did fairly well with these turn-ins, and was hopeful that we'd take a few walks.

The 4th place in ribs was a great walk though, and we beat out some heavy hitters for that place. We got some cash for the placing, and next year the promoter hopes to hand out big shiny trophies too - other wise known as a BAT (big assed trophy).