Santa Anita Winners Circle
BBQ Championship

Arcadia, Ca

March 21 - 22th, 2014

A national KCBS sanctioned event

Our 2014 season premier. Looks like we didn't loose too much steam in the off season. The outcome wasn't as good as last year but still pretty decent. Chicken is on target with a top 5 finish, pork ribs fell out of top 10 but we know what went wrong with them. Pork continues to struggle to find a spot with the judges like button, and brisket can be corrected at our next outing too.

All in all we're happy with these results since we can fix ribs and brisket next time. We'll continue to work on Pork and if our next outing doesn't improve, hopefully we'll get some of the new comment cards to help us out.

Results out of 69 teams

  • Overall - 7th place
  • Chicken - 4th place
  • Ribs - 11st place
  • Pork - 24th place
  • Brisket - 16th place
  • Total contestants 69