Santa Anita Winners Circle
BBQ Championship

Arcadia, Ca

March 15 - 16th, 2013

A national KCBS sanctioned event

This was our first trip to South California for a BBQ competition. We've been working on things up north here for quite a while now, and wanted to see how we stack up against our So Cal friends in their back yard. Focus was critical to have a chance at scoring well and leaving behind an impression.

For sure, this contest featured the best teams in California and taking a walk here in anything would be quite an accomplishment. We did pretty good here.

First we scored a big 1st place in the Chicken category. Ribs continue to be a struggle. Pork is something we usually do very well in, but the judges did not like our pork at all. And we scored a 3rd place in brisket for an overall placing of 5th.

Given the level of competition at this field, we're real happy with 1st in chicken, and 3rd in brisket. Though if that pork would have scored in the top 5 we stood a real chance of winning this huge contest - but I don't like to play the shoulda-woulda-coulda thing.

We're off to a good start.

Results out of about 57 teams

  • Overall - 5th place
  • Chicken - 1st place
  • Ribs - 47th place
  • Pork -24th place
  • Brisket - 3rd place
  • Total contestants ~ 57

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