Sam's Club Regional

Sacramento, Ca

March 28 - 29th, 2014

A national KCBS sanctioned event

Sam's Club is a national tournament with a good sized chunk of change on the line for winners, and we gave it a go. Things didn't cook up too good for us but we did have saving grace that made our weekend. Pork!

We have been getting killed by pork for over a year - formerly one of our strongest categories, we've won 3 contests in part due to 1st place pork finishes in 2011 and 2012. Since then we have not had pork place above the fold and it has really cost us.

Well we hope it's not just the result of a lucky table, we really didn't think much of our pork at all. We didn't expect to be top 10 in pork really, so when they got down to 1st place, we were both shocked to hear our team name announced. And there were some very good pork cooks in attendance.

Well, we know what we changed and what we didn't so we'll try and repeat at our next competition in about a month.

Results out of 30 teams

  • Overall - 7th place
  • Chicken - 25th place - What? oh well.
  • Ribs - 11st place
  • Pork - 1st place
  • Brisket - 8th place
  • Total contestants 30