Rics Backyard warm up

San Jose, California

March 20th, 2010

  • Overall - 2nd place (Reserve Grand Champions)
  • Chicken - 3rd place
  • Ribs - 2nd place
  • Tri Tip - 2nd place
  • Mystery Meat (Pork Butt Filets) - 3rd place
  • Peoples Choice - 1st place

Full results


We had a much better showing than last year, and I think it had everything to do with mental state of mind. Earlier in he year, we rolled into Hangtown to help judge at a very large warm-up event. We sat in on a presentation by Ric Gilbert - 'Getting to 9s'. His message resonated with me.

Boil this presentation down into a sentence or two and you have a very simple call to action - Go into a competition believing you can win it all. Knowing that you have the education, training, skills, equipment, knowledge, and contingencies to come out on top.

So did we get lucky? Would our scores have been just as strong at a real KCBS competition? Time will tell as we head into the 2010 season. The caliber of competition at a KCBS contest is much much stronger. But if we received the same good scores at a KCBS contest that we did today, then we would be in very good shape indeed.


The picture below shows some serious hardware we brought home. There's no cash payout at this event - shucks. On the other hand, there's no high price entry fee either. Zero entry fees means there's no a lot of money for fancy trophies.

But Ric's Back Yard Warmup is always a lot of fun, and one of it's hallmarks is the trophies. Every year, he accumulates unusual, irrelevant, and otherwise busted, broken, or weird trophies from websites like Craigslist.

This years trophies featured an even mix between Chess Club and Motocross. Lets take a look starting from the left:

  1. 3rd place Chicken
  2. 2nd place Ribs
  3. 2nd place TriTip
  4. 3rd place Mystery Meat (Pork but filets)
  5. Reserved Grand Champion
  6. 1st place Peoples Choice

bbq trophies

 Now what in the world are we supposed to do with these things? Would you believe there are teams that take home this much hardware on a regular basis!