Morgan Hill No Bull

BBQ Cook-off

Morgan Hill, Ca

May 5 - 6th, 2011

A national KCBS sanctioned event

We didn't do too well at our local home-town event. We got 15th place out of 65 teams. That sounds pretty good, but we're not beating the teams we need to beat.

I forgot to bring my most inportant rub, I wasn't as focused as I need to be and made a lot of mistakes.

Results out of 65 teams

  • Chicken -37th place
  • Ribs - 14th place
  • Pork  - 19th place
  • Brisket - 15th place
  • Overall - 15th place
  • Total contestants - 65

I need to step it up some or my team mate might mutiny.

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