Morgan Hill No Bull

BBQ Cook-off

Morgan Hill, Ca

May 7 - 8th, 2010

A national KCBS sanctioned event

This was a 1st annual event based in Morgan Hill, a mere 30 minutes from our base of operations in San Jose, Ca.

And to say this was big would be an understatement. 52 teams competed including the top teams in California. This was the biggest BBQ competition in Northern California and it's a 1st annual - that's big.

We went in with high hopes, some new sauces and techniques to try. The energy around camp on Friday evening was unbelievable, helped out by cool breezy weather we all arrived, greeted, and got our sites setup and ready to start cooking by night time.

We did fairly well in chicken, and quite well in pork. These two entries seem to be our strongest these days.

Our ribs really should be scoring better, and probably would have except they came out unusually tuff at the correct level of done ness. That's not something we've had a problem with. Ribs really dragged down our overall placement.

As usual, brisket damaged our overall score the most - tanked it in fact. It was moist and juicy, but tuff as rubber. But at least it was moist and juicy, and it does mark some improvement and something learned - its better to turn in dry brisket than tuff brisket.

Results out of 52 teams

  • Chicken -10th place
  • Ribs - 35th place
  • Pork  - 5th place
  • Brisket - 45th place
  • Overall - 27th place
  • Total contestants - 52

Our expectations have grown some, and expected to do much better. The ribs and brisket really dragged us down. That was a surprise for the ribs, and the brisket still needs more work.

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