California Honey Harvest Festival

Fillmore, Ca

June 15 - 16th, 2013

A national KCBS sanctioned event

The struggle continues. We started the year with two respectable top 5 finishes and have not been able to break into the top ten for three competitions since. Our big meats, pork and brisket carried us for two years, and now that we have gained strength in chicken and ribs, the judges don't like our big meats anymore - harrumph!

A third place chicken call started the awards ceremony well for us, our high hopes for our ribs turn in didn't pan out - 11th. Pork was another 11th, and our brisket tanked. We have never had brisket like this one - it probed like butter but chewed like used band-aid's.

Oh well, the quest for a 2013 Grand Championship continues - on to Silicon Valley Championships.