2008 KCBS Points Standings

The results are in. This was our rookie year and consisted of only two KCBS sanctioned events. Other than 5th place chicken at the West Coast Championships, we really didn't place well at all in our local competitions.

However, when we analyze our standings compared to the rest of the country - ie the BBQ belt, we actually fared much better placing in the top 50%

Here's the numbers:

Thing Place Contestants Points
Overall 1914 4333 132
Chicken 1161 4301 257
Ribs 2078 4266 132
Pork 2078 4266 132
Brisket 2027 4203 132


It looks like 132 points is something you get just for showing up. The 5th place chicken score shows through though. The good news is that we can hardly do worse next year.