Grand Champions number 4!!!

After a long absence from the winners circle, Too Ashamed to Name is back! We've already gotten two Reserve Grand Championships in 2014 and now the illusive Grand championship at the Brentwood Cookoff and Car Show, Brentwood California.

It's early August 2014 so although this GC does not count towards the American Royal Invitational, it does get us a bung in the draw for the Jack Daniel's World Championship 2014. We hope you will wish us luck in the draw, early September. 



Mega Huge News Flash: Too Ashamed To Name BBQ

wins the California draw for the 

Jack Daniel's 2012 World Championship Invitational Barbecue 

This is the most prestigious bbq competition there is and it's also one of the most difficult to get invited to. It's a lottery draw so there's a big element of luck. But odds improve with each entry in the hopper - the more grand championships you win, the more entries you have. So chances are, your competition is by far - the best of the best there is in the country. We are far from that! But any given team can win on any given day, so we'll be hitting The Jack HARD! to represent California championship BBQ as a viable threat to more traditional BBQ states.

This is going to be a wild ride! First we road trip to the American Royal in Kansas City, then on to Lynchburg Tn a few weeks later. I guess our day job bosses will just have to be patient with us for a couple weeks.

The full story of our Jack Daniels draw, plus the 2012 American Royal


News Flash: Grand Champion #3 - Way Out West 2012

Way Out West BBQ Championship, Stockton Ca, August 18, 2012

Way Out West BBQ Championship 2012 Grand Champion - Too Ashamed to Name BBQ Team

News flash: Our 2nd Grand Champion Win

Blues Brews and BBQ, Brentwood Ca, May 26, 2012

Brentwood Blues Brews & BBQ Grand Champions - Too Ashamed to Name BBQ 

Our new battle rig - New for 2012, Too Ashamed to Name Competition BBQ team is sporting a new ride: Two Backwoods Smokers, a big Competitor and a Backwoods Chubby (hidden behind). This is the same trailer we've had since 2008 but it's a little pimped out now. Take a look:

 Too Ashamed To Name Backwoods Smoker Trailer

November 11 2011 Grand Champions!
Too Ashamed to Name takes Grand Champ
Smokin on the Delta, Antioch Ca 

Way Out West BBQ Championship Stockton, 2011. 3rd place overall

Too Ashamed to Name Compeition BBQ, Stockton 2011

What a ridiculous name for a competition BBQ team.

(Scott Hares and wife Pam Hares)

True, it is a ridiculous name for a competition BBQ team. But here's the thing - the way I figure it, if we come in dead assed last place, then it's no big deal - after all, we're Too Ashamed to Name.

On the other hand, the teams that we score ahead of - well then! They just got beat by Too Ashamed to Name - how's that for humbling!!!

It's not exactly like we don't know what we're doing. I've been cooking bbq for a little while now and have attended classes and workshops from highly accomplished competitors, state champions, and even world champions too.

We formed our husband and wife comeptition bbq team in 2008. With a good load of awards, walks, trophies and payout under our belt already - we've not yet been able to cast a wide enough net to win on a regular basis.

Producing high quality backyard BBQ is one thing. Doing it with four different meats - ready at turn in time is a little bit more tricky.

The Barbecue Bug - or so it's called:

Here's how this kind of obsession starts out - Anyone who likes to cook BBQ can benefit from taking classes from accomplished competition pit masters. A while back (2007), my BBQ stepped up after taking a bbq class by Konrad Haskins - the Teddy Bear out of Washington state. Producing a fine product for friends and family was my objective, and it was a good, high value class.

Come winter 2008, and QN4U, California State Champs for 2007 were conducting a class at Casa De Fruta Ca. But this was not a 'friends and family' back yard BBQ class, this was a competition BBQ class - something I really had no interest in stepping into at all - only the techniques of fine BBQ were of interest to me at the time.

But that's when the "BBQ bug" tends to bite. The 'friends and family, back yard BBQ' thing forks off, and an entirely new world opens up - the world of competition BBQ. An entire community of new friends and acquaintances - all of them very friendly and welcoming.

Today, we enjoy an ever growing network of BBQ friends and family through out the state.

We compete with / against these people but we also watch out for each other too - if a brother faces adversity or forgets something, then a BBQ brothers will help out - that's the comradery of competition - we compete, and we win or we lose based on our cooking skills - not on what we forget or for flat tires.

The fact is, no matter how many awards / walks we take (or not) in future competitions - none of it would be worth if it weren't for all the great friends we've made in just a few short years - seeing old friends and making new ones at each and every event - that's the main reason we do this - the comradery and brethrenship of our friends and fellow competitors - brothers in smoke (and sisters too).

 bbq brethren

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